TLC’s Former Manager, Perri ‘Pebbles’ Reid Standing By $40 Million Lawsuit


It’s been three years since the TLC biopic ‘CrazySexyCool’ The TLC Story’ hit our screens but the band’s former manager, Perri ‘Pebbles’ Reid is still unhappy with how she was depicted in the film.

Reid has said she will not back down from her $40 million lawsuit against Viacom, insisting they defamed her in the movie when they said she took advantage of the group while working as their manager – paying them just $25 per week!

Viacom had attempted to have the case dismissed but a judge has ruled against them, with Reid’s lawyer saying:

“We are thrilled with this major win against Viacom and look forward to justice. Ms. Reid worked hard to ensure the success of TLC, and she is ready to present that story to a jury. The negative portrayal of her in the TLC movie is simply not the truth.”


However, Viacom are standing firm over the film, stating:

“‘CrazySexyCool’ was a docudrama about the experiences of the members of TLC told from their perspective. We are confident that our First Amendment rights to tell this story will ultimately be vindicated, although we are disappointed that the court chose not to dismiss the entire case on summary judgment.”

It looks like this one will run right to the end, win or lose!




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