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Tiffany Haddish Reveals Why You Shouldn’t Get Close To Beyonce’s Man!

Comedian, Tiffany Haddish has revealed why you shouldn’t try to get too close to Beyonce’s husband, Jay-Z.

Just in case you thought that Bey would be cool about other women talking to her man, Tiffany explains about the time she met the couple at an after party following a Jay-Z concert:

“I was talking to Jay-Z for a little bit, and there was another actress that was there who was also talking to Jay-Z. (She) touched Jay-Z’s chest, and Beyoncé came walking up like, ‘Biiiitch.’ But, she didn’t say that.”

It seems that Bey’s body-language was clear enough in warning the unnamed actress away:

“Her demeanor, her body from the way she walked up on them was like, ‘Get your hand off my man’s chest.’ Then, she started talking to that actress and some other stuff happened, but I ain’t gonna say nothin’ yet, but it’s gonna be in these streets.”

We wonder what that ‘other stuff’ was! Did Bey put hands on that other lady?

Check out Tiffany talking on the incident, below:

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