Three Baton Rouge Officers Likely Killed In Retaliation; Hunt On For The Suspects

Baton Rouge

Three Baton Rouge officers are confirmed dead, while three have been reported as being injured.  This comes in the wake of five officers being killed in Dallas.  All allegedly stemming as payback for the recent killings of several African-American men, including Baton Rouge resident, Alton Sterling.  According to CNN:

In a city already tense following a high-profile police shooting of an African-American man, three Baton Rouge police officers were killed and three others wounded Sunday. Officials think the attack on the officers is the work of multiple gunmen.

Police received a call of a “suspicious person walking down with an assault rifle,” a source with knowledge of the investigation told CNN. When police arrived, the shooting began.
One of the suspects is dead. Authorities believe two others may be at large.

“If they are wearing army fatigues; if they are wearing all black; if they are wearing a mask; if they are wearing anything that’s out there, please, give us a call,” said Baton Rouge Police Cpl. L.J. McKneely.

This nonsense has got to stop. The killing of the cops is now overshadowing the real issues at hand – the killing of African-American men at an alarming rate at the hands of police. Lives are being taken for nothing – whether it is a cop or the young men meeting their demise early because of police brutality. Rest in peace to the slain officers.

We sure hope that there is a resolution to this increasing conflict soon. It is becoming a war zone out here. Soon, we will have to have military troops protecting the neighborhoods in America

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