Things Cool Down In Jennifer Hudson’s Custody Battle With Ex, David Otunga

Things have cooled down in Jennifer Hudson’s custody battle with ex-fiancé, David Otunga.

Having previously filed a restraining order and looking like she was going to fight for custody, Jennifer has agreed to give Otunga primary custody of their son, David Jr.

The temporary order means that former professional wrestler, Otunga will look after the 8-year-old most of the time. This makes sense due to Jennifer’s busy work schedule which has her flying around the world, filming for The Voice in both London and Los Angeles.

Otunga has looked after David Jr. as primary carer since birth as Jennifer was working her demanding music and movie career.

Jennifer also dropped her order of protection while Otunga has moved out of the family home. The temporary custody order will stand until a more permanent agreement can be reached.

We’re glad they could work this out rather than running it through the courts and lining the pockets of divorce lawyers like so many other former couples have done…


Photo Credit: People

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