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The Truth – Or Your Truth?

We all say that we want the truth – indeed a lot of us think that we know the truth, whether that is with politics, relationships, or any other thing in life. But do you really seek the truth or are you simply looking for evidence to validate your existing opinions?

It is hard to step away from what you think you know and look at new information and facts with a cold, scientific edge. But this is the only way that you can truly learn and grow.

Some truths are unpleasant, and some will go against ideas and values that you may have held dear. This is not a nice place to be – but would you rather continue deluding yourself, or would you rather face life with reality? With real facts?

There is a lot of talk of ‘fake news’ in the media right now – which has made many people wake up to the realization that not everything you see, read, or hear is true. Not everyone is telling the truth and many are spinning an agenda that suits them.

So, when you hear something, whether or not you agree with it, just take a moment to think about who is telling you and what they may be seeking to gain with their version of events.

Not everyone is telling lies, not everyone is looking to push their own agenda – but some are – and they won’t always make it obvious.

Sometimes the truth hurts – but at least if you are working with the facts you know where you stand.

What do you think?

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