The Responses To This Twitter Question Proves ‘Petty Betty’s’ Are Taking Over The World!

Now, this has gotten to be one of the simplest, yet funniest Twitter discussions we have seen to date!

The discussion was started by Yowie Wowie, who asked something we probably would have never thought to ask and watch the silliest (and perhaps) sincere, responses roll on in. “You are a burglar, but instead of stealing things, you do things that are mildly inconvenient to your victims. What are you stealing?”

This post/tweet lets you know that there a lot more ‘Petty Betty’s’ in the world than we actually thought!

We’d love to know what you would ‘steal?’











Well, this is just a few of many responses, and boy they were PETTY! All we are going to say about this is — watch ya ‘peoples!’ To even think of doing these things lets us know we need to be watching our friends and loved ones closely before they steal the wi-fi password and the toilet tissue!

Credit: Yowie Wowie

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