Teens Fake Pregnancies To Sneak Food In Movie Theater!




Let’s be honest, buying food at the movie theatre is expensive – and we’re not falling for it when they put ‘just’ next to the price (as in ‘Popcorn Just $300’).


It seems we’re not the only ones fed up with paying high prices when we want to go and watch a movie. Teenagers Priscilla Banuelos, Alyssa Lopez, Angie Silveira and Amador Costa decided to take things into their own hands (or rather up their shirts) when the visited the Galaxy movie theater in Riverbank, California.


They look like a pregnant mothers group all going for a night out – even fooling fellow movie-goers – but all was not as it seemed!


Priscilla’s twitter account revealed how the teens had prepared their fake pregnancies!



They were ready to go and it all seemed to be working well, as Banuelos revealed:


“I was getting so many stares, it was ridiculous. Even some people came up to us and said, ‘Oh, what’s the gender.'”




However, the girls encountered a problem when they unleashed their baby bumps! As Banuelos revealed:


“There weren’t any trash cans in the movie theater, and I wasn’t about to walk out with a huge watermelon.”



While the stunt has provoked loads of attention on social media – it seems one person, at least was not impressed with the joke.





Photo Credit: Twitter

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