Taylor Swift’s ‘Girl Squad’ – Feminist Icons or Just Another Exclusive Clique?


Now Taylor Swift is single (again), we can once again expect to see her hanging out with her ‘Girl Squad’ more often.

This group of female friends, which includes names such as Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez, has become a big part of the Taylor Swift story as, by hanging out together, they show how girls and women can offer support for one another.

This move has been held up as a public display of feminism as many of Taylor’s fans see the support and friendship the ‘girl squad’ embody as an inspiration, and maybe even something to be copied.

But, is there a darker side to the bright and breezy ‘Girl Squad?’

Rather than being all about support and inclusion, does the ‘Girl Squad’ actually show an exclusivity that really only serves to bring other women down?


It is true that the ‘squad’ has been quick to rally round in support of Taylor, just as any other regular friends might, and it is fair to say that Taylor’s friends are likely to be high-profile, given the circles she now moves in – you’re unlikely to find her hanging out in your local run-down bar, after all!

However, a look at how much each member of Taylor’s inner circle of friends is worth and it is easy to see some cause for concern.


Rather than a normal group of friends, could it be that Taylor has surrounded herself with these names because of how their celebrity profiles can help her get more exposure in the media?

It only stands to reason that several celebrities are going to create more of a splash than one alone, right?

Some people are critical of how Taylor’s girl squad has been formed almost as if there is a box-checking exercise going on. ‘Model?’ Tick. ‘Pop Singer?’ Tick… You get the idea!


While this may be a little too cynical, one thing is obvious – Taylor’s group of friends are pretty much all white and wealthy (not to mention thin and often tall, just like her).

Sure, some of Taylor’s older friends are not as wealthy as her newer pals, and there are a few non-white faces, but it does make you wonder how come she doesn’t seem to hang out with a more diverse group?

Maybe it is just a natural group of like-minded friends, but it smacks of exclusivity – like the ‘cool’ girls at school who wouldn’t let outsiders in.


It all makes us wonder what the image of the ‘Girl Squad’ does for those followers of Taylor Swift who would never be accepted into her team?

What message is it sending out to those who are not willowy, white, and wealthy?

Taylor Swift may cloak her squad in the veil of feminism, but actually it all seems more like an exclusive, hierarchical, high-school clique, who seem sadly oblivious to the real message they are sending to millions of young impressionable girls.

What do you think? Is Taylor Swift’s ‘Girl Squad’ something for inspiration or exasperation?




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