Tax Money! Donald Trump Sent Bodyguard Out For McDonalds

A former bodyguard of Donald Trump has revealed how the President would send him out for McDonald’s when White House staff couldn’t match the fast-food joint’s burgers.

Former bodyguard, Keith Schiller is being quizzed by the House Intelligence Committee about possible collusion with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign, and his dossier includes details of how Trump would send him out to Mickey D’s!

The dossier reads:

“When the White House kitchen staff couldn’t match the satisfaction of a quarter-pounder with cheese (no pickles, extra ketchup) and a fried apple pie, it was Schiller, bodyguard and Trump whisperer, who would head down New York Avenue to McDonald’s on a stealth fast food run.”

Good job that Trump isn’t wasting your tax dollars on frivolities…




Photo Credit: Food Safety News

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