Taraji P Henson and ‘What Men Want’


Want to know what men want?

Well, Taraji P Henson may just have an insight as she stars in a new movie which flips the 2000 romantic comedy, ‘What Women Want,’ to offer a view from the other side of the gender divide…

With a star-studded cast to assist, Taraji’s character goes to visit a psychic (played by Erykah Badu) who tells her:

“I can help you connect with men. Why don’t we have some tea.”

However, the drink, which is laced with weed, peyote, and crack (we don’t recommend it!), lands Taraji’s character in hospital, only to realize that she has picked up psychic powers of her own!

While the movie isn’t out until January 11, 2019, you can see the trailer below – we reckon we’ll be checking for this one – how about you?

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