Style Check: The History Of The Hoodie

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The hoodie has become synonymous with hip-hop and urban culture around the world, but its history goes back way further – some 3,000 years in fact!

While it remains a useful item of clothing, it seems that the hoodie has stood the test of time, tracing its roots back to ancient Greece.

This video from Paola Antonelli, Curator at the Museum of Modern Art, details the varied history of the hoodie, from it’s earliest roots to it’s use to aid lovers meeting in secret in the 17th Century, through to darker associations such as with the Grim Reaper and executioners.

The talk takes us right up to the present day, with a detour into hip-hop and skateboarding culture and, of course, the way the hoodie was picked up as a symbol of human rights following the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin.

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