Style Check: Did Gucci Rip Off Dapper Dan?

Gucci are being accused of ripping off Harlem fashion icon Dapper Dan with a new jacket from their 2018 Cruise collection. There are certainly clear similarities between the Gucci jacket as designed by Alessandro Michele and Dapper Dan’s 1980s era jacket (despite Dapper Dan using a Louis Vuitton print rather than Gucci material).

(Gucci’s Jacket)

Everything from the brown fur to the puffed-out sleeves and baggy silhouette hints that Gucci took inspiration from the Harlem hip-hop fashion pioneer.

(Dapper Dan’s Original Design)

Dapper Dan started taking high-end fashion prints and using them to create street-savvy hip-hop garments that were aimed at the black community that had been overlooked by the big-name brands.

However, times have changed and now it seems that Gucci are keen to position themselves closely to hip-hop culture – even using all black models against a 1970s-themed hip-hop club backdrop in their pre-Fall campaign.

What do you think – did Gucci shamelessly bite Dapper Dan’s ‘80s swagger?


Photo Credit: Dapper Dan / Gucci

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