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Style Check: Did Gucci Rip Off Dapper Dan?

Gucci are being accused of ripping off Harlem fashion icon Dapper Dan with a new jacket from their 2018 Cruise collection. There are certainly clear similarities between the Gucci jacket as designed by Alessandro Michele and Dapper Danโ€™s 1980s era jacket (despite Dapper Dan using a Louis Vuitton print rather than Gucci material).

(Gucci’s Jacket)

Everything from the brown fur to the puffed-out sleeves and baggy silhouette hints that Gucci took inspiration from the Harlem hip-hop fashion pioneer.

(Dapper Dan’s Original Design)

Dapper Dan started taking high-end fashion prints and using them to create street-savvy hip-hop garments that were aimed at the black community that had been overlooked by the big-name brands.

However, times have changed and now it seems that Gucci are keen to position themselves closely to hip-hop culture โ€“ even using all black models against a 1970s-themed hip-hop club backdrop in their pre-Fall campaign.

What do you think โ€“ did Gucci shamelessly bite Dapper Danโ€™s โ€˜80s swagger?


Photo Credit: Dapper Dan / Gucci

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