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Stress balls? No, really, these ARE ‘stress balls’ – find out more…

We think we may finally have seen it all after we stumbled across these ‘stress balls!’

(OK, we didn’t literally ‘stumble across’ them – but you get what we mean…)

Anyway, these silicone beauties are currently being sold as ‘stress relief,’ with the marketing saying:

“These naughty but nice nuts hang under your desk so you can squeeze, tug and slap your stress away. Sick of your boss busting your nuts at work? Now you can do it right back to them without getting the sack!”
We’re wondering whether most employers would be happy with you hanging a pair of rubber testicles from your desk?
But the website reveals: 
“Detailed enough to be instantly recognizable, subtle enough not to get you in trouble – but on the off chance someone in your office is a killjoy prude, these nifty knackers detach easily. And reattach, for when boring old Susan from accounts goes on her lunch break.”
We’re not sure, but how about you – would you like a pair of these?
If so, check

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