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Why You Should Start Your Own Dream Journal

Every night when you go to sleep your subconscious mind gets to work. The mind works over the day’s events and starts to find solutions to problems. Your dreams can offer insights and answers to things that are troubling you, so it is worth keeping a dream journal so you can store these snippets of subconscious wisdom.

The first step in creating a dream journal is in preparing yourself to dream when you go to bed. Turning off your phone and putting aside your concerns when you go to sleep is a good start. Try to relax and wind down before you go to sleep and prepare your mind to dream. If you are seeking guidance on a particular issue, you may want to think it over as you drift off to sleep and ask your subconscious to find a solution.

As Mary Hulnick of the University of Santa Monica explained:

“In what area of your life would you like to receive guidance? What question do you want answered? Word your question carefully and precisely, write it down, and focus on it as you drift off to sleep. Since the language of dreams is metaphorical and symbolic, ask that the answer to your question be given in a way that you can recognize and understand. Set an intention to remember your dreams. Then go to sleep. When you awake, and this is very important, remain totally still—do not move your body. This allows you greater access to your dream—better dream recall. Once you have your dream secure in your mind, your first movement is to get your pen and paper and begin writing any dreams or parts of dreams that you recall. Sometimes you’ll have and recall a dream the very first night that you ask your dream incubation question. Sometimes, you may find that you need to ask your question for several nights. I encourage you to be patient and let go of any pressure or attachment to receiving a dream.”

When you wake up, resist the temptation to reach straight for your phone. Instead take a moment to recall your dreams and write them down. It is worth keeping a pen and your dream journal by your bed for use in the morning or if you wake up in the middle of the night. Don’t worry if you don’t remember much to start with, write down whatever you do recall, and over time you will find you remember more of your dreams. Even if you wake up with an emotion such as feeling sad, then write that down. It may trigger your subconscious mind later too.

When it comes to interpreting your dreams don’t bother with a ‘book of dreams’ that explains the meaning of different dreams. While these have proven popular for decades the truth is that your dreams are personal and will have their own meanings that are yours and yours alone. Over time, your dream journal can reveal what different dreams mean to you.



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