#spreadloveandkindness – Watch Triplets Get Excited Over Sanitation Workers Driving Up!



With all of the race tensions going on in the United States of lately, this video put a smile on the LitViral.com staff, as triplets of local Orlando television anchor, Martha Sugalski captured her toddlers getting excited and running to the streets when they saw the sanitation truck of Mr. Rob and Mr. Chad pull up.  The triplets sported yellow shirts (To match the uniforms of the sanitation workers, with ‘Little Helpers’ written on the back). The hugs they planted on the guys were too adorable as if they were family.


Sugalski’s posted the video on Facebook with the much-needed hashtag .

Kudos to Sugalski for raising her children to love all mankind regardless of their race or job.  Simply heartwarming!


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