Soulja Boy Vs Chris Brown Beef Goes To The Streets

We’ve been here before with escalating beef ending up with violence and tragedy, so it is such a shame to see the foolishness that is going down between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown right now.

In case you missed it, Chris Brown took exception to rapper, Soulja Boy responding to an Instagram picture of his ex, Karrueche Tran. The situation escalated until Soulja Boy decided he would hit the streets of Compton live on an Instagram video in the hope of getting R&B star, Chris to meet him for a fight.

Despite saying he was up for a fight, Brown didn’t show up, but Soulja Boy still ended up getting into a scuffle after calling out an unnamed person in the street. Soulja, no doubt full of himself can be heard to say:

“You gotta check in anyway, n*gga. P*ssy. You got us f*cked up n*gga, talking you ’bout you gon’ knock my homie out, n*gga. I’m catching fades for my big homie Wack, n*gga.”

Things then go left when Soulja puts his arm around a stranger’s neck, only to get brushed off with his phone seeming to fall to the ground. It is then that the rapper gets into a shouting match with the man and a few of his boys…

Another video from the time shows that Soulja Boy put his phone down so he could fight but the rapper’s people (unsurprisingly) step in the way to stop things escalating. You can check out footage of the foolishness below:

Meanwhile, Karrueche Tran has called for Soulja Boy and Chris Brown to drop the beefing and we couldn’t agree more. Others, however, fear that this beef has already seeped into the streets and won’t end well…


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