Something About Mary! Mary J Blige Gets Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

If you want some real-life inspiration it is hard to look past Mary J Blige. Born in Yonkers and raised in the Bronx, she has managed to rise to the top of her game, but it’s not just the success that makes Mary such an inspiration – she has weathered quite a few storms too!

However, Thursday 1/11/18, was a day to celebrate as she was honored with star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The nine-times Grammy award-winner was joined by family and friends including former Uptown Records boss Andre Harrell, who signed her back in the day, and her musical mentor, Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs.

Speaking at the event, Puff paid tribute to Mary’s mom, Cora who was there to see her daughter honored:

“One of the main reasons Mary is here is her mother Cora. This day is also about family.”

Puffy went on to tell of the early years when he and mary used to dream of making it big:

“I used to pick Mary up in the projects and drive on the highways of New York and just dream. We wanted to shake up the world.”
In fact, it was a double celebration, as the crowd sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Mary, as it was her 47th birthday too!
Mary got emotional as she gave a speech, not shying away from the tough times she has encountered:
“Iʼm so grateful for this time, (of getting a star) but Iʼve earned it probably twenty times. I say that not because of arrogance.”
Mary explained how she had endured through a lot to make it to where she is, not forgetting the fact that she is currently going through a bitter divorce.
However, she added:
“I have to give a really big thanks to my fans because without you, this isnʼt possible. I wrote you all a letter with [my album] ‘My Life,’ and you all wrote me back with your support.”


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