Someone People Dislike More Than Both Trump & Clinton – Pharmaceutical Douche, Martin Shkreli Tries Bullying Hillary

The Biggest Troll Ever!


No matter what political party you are siding with, we are sure that there are many Americans who would agree that former pharmaceutical ‘schemer’ (former CEO of Turing Pharmaceutical), Martin Shkreli is one of the most hated people in America (yes, more than Trump and George Zimmerman).

He not only jacked up the prices to life-saving HIV drugs so that most people would not be able to afford them, he went after comedian Patton Oswalt – who’d recently lost his wife and threw a tantrum over Bernie Sanders.  Finally, he even trolled Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah and actually lived another day to tell about it. Enough is enough with this sheisty guy.

Now since hearing about Hillary Clinton becoming ill with Pneumonia, he’s reportedly been on a stake-out at Chelsea Clinton’s Manhattan apartment (where Clinton was staying. She’s said to be back on the campaign trail again.) looking to harass Hillary by screaming – ‘are you alive?’ Alongside many other obnoxious things.

This guy has too much time on his hand. Isn’t he supposed to be in jail already for some of his shady business dealings? He’s the type of guy you want to punch in the face just because.

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