Some Lit Inspiration

It’s true that you can’t always be right and you can’t know everything – so let yourself be open to learning new things or listening to new opinions – even if you don’t agree with them.

In these times where we live in social media bubbles where we are fed more of the type of content we like, we may not always be open to new ideas…

We wanted to take you in a different direction with this collection of inspirational memes – so firstly, check this one:

It is your choice how you deal with a situation.

Sure, you may find yourself reeling after something bad happens, but you need to try and start processing it rather than dwelling on it too deeply. Think of solutions instead, and be kind to yourself…

Because there is always light after the darkness, remember that you will rise again. However, should you be living the good life already, make sure you share your success with others. 

Life is for living, it is about memories and, while it is always worth being careful and thinking of the future, you can’t take your fortune with you!

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