So Senseless & Tragic: Mother Of 3 Survives Crash Only To Be Gunned Down By Other Driver

Racism is real.


Some people nowadays have lost their minds. What a scumbag.

Deborah Pearl, a 53-year-old mother of three, of Solon, Ohio (A suburb of Cleveland, which was coincidently named by Money magazine as last year’s top 10 places to live in the U.S.) was on her way to work Saturday morning at around 7 A.M. She reportedly cruised through an intersection, when a man (Matthew Ryan Desha) in a sport-utility truck ran a red light striking the side of Pearl’s Ford Taurus.

The intensity of the crash caused Pearl’s car to skid across the intersection and the SUV to roll several times until it came to a rest flipped upside down, police reports said.Both drivers survived; somehow, the man in the SUV was able to walk out of his now-overturned vehicle.

And that is where the tragedy begins.

According to a woman who witnessed the accident, the man emerged from his Jeep carrying a rifle, reported.

Police and other officials would later identify the man as a former U.S. Marine, one who had been deployed to Iraq twice.

The female witness, who gave a written statement to the police, told what happened was so traumatizing that she did not want to be named.

Rifle in hand, the driver of the SUV walked toward Pearl and — as she held her hands up — shot her several times, the woman told the news site.

“I can’t get her screams out of my head,” she told the site. Source

This just may have been a hate crime (Pearl – the victim, was black and Desha was white). We hope they put him in a cell block with all 300-pound killers, who take turns making him their b*tch all day and all night. Sick bastard.

Photo credit: Solon Police Department/Pearl Family

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