So. And? Ray J Is P*ssed At Kanye West & Kim Kardashian After VMA Speech – Find Out Why


OK, so who cares if Ray J is p*ssed, really.  But even more so, who cares about anything that Kanye West has to rant about these days – like we have said, he has not been right since the passing of his mother.

Anyway, it is our job here at to report the news, so here it is. According to reports, Ray J is angry because West keeps making light of the adult tape that he filmed with West’s wife, Kim Kardashian (you know the tape that catapulted her family to super fame and fortune). He also finds it hypocritical that West can talk about the tape, but when Ray J dropped ‘I Hit It First,’ everyone was up in arms.

 Apparently Brandy’s lil bro isn’t happy about the shoutout during West’s speech because he feels the Gold Digger rapper is a hypocrite for mentioning and embracing his wife’s sex tape!TMZ has learned that Ray thinks it’s ridiculous the 39-year-old is making light of Kim Kardashian West’s sex tape with her ex because Ye once called the One Wish singer “Brandy’s little sister” after J dropped I Hit it First — a reference to his prior relations with Kim!

Overall, the One Wish singer just feels Kim’s hubby is two-faced for blasting him and then seemingly being okay with everything when West is the one that reaps the benefits from the press!

But Ray J’s not ONLY upset with the Grammy winner as it’s also reported that the 35-year-old isn’t too pleased with Kim either since she also SLAMMED him after he released his track. That’s because the reality star, like her main man, made light of the sex tape by smiling and laughing when her rapper husband made the crack! Source

Note to everyone…move the hell on.  Who cares. Next!

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