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Smart People Are Untidy, Swear More, & Stay Up Late

When you were young you may have got into trouble for not tidying up your room or cursing, and you may have also not gone to sleep when you were told – staying up late secretly in your room or even sneaking out to break curfew. These may all seem like signs of bad behavior but it seems that they may actually have all been signs of your superior intelligence.

That’s right, studies have shown that smart people tend to be messier, stay up later, and swear more frequently.

When it comes to bad language, not using swear words actually limits your vocabulary, while a study also showed that those able to name the most swear words in a minute also scored higher on an IQ test.

So there, it is – smart people swear!

If your room or desk is untidy, there is every chance that it is a sign that you are creatively smarter than average. A University of Minnesota study found that a messy environment led to more creative thinking, while a tidier environment encouraged less creative, conventional thinking.  

Finally, staying up late might also be a sign that you are intelligent. Research has shown that staying up late is linked to people with higher IQs. Among the notable night-owls are names like President Obama and Charles Darwin.

So, there it is – swear loads, mess up your room, and stay up all night – maybe that explains why teenagers ‘know it all!’ 😊



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