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Slick Rick’s Classic Track ‘Children’s Story’ Is Now An Actual Book!

“Once upon a time not long ago…”

As a rapper, Slick Rick was always known for his ability to tell stories in his rhymes – with one of the most famous being his single ‘Children’s Story,’ so perhaps it is only right that the track has now become an actual children’s book!

That’s right, you can finally actually read ‘Children’s Story’ to your kids at bedtime, thanks to boutique Boston-based record label, Get On Down, who are having the book published.

While we have not seen a copy of the book itself, pictures show that it appears to feature the exact lyrics from the song as performed by Slick Rick.

Slick Rick, ‘the ‘Ruler,’ first found fame as MC Ricky D on the Doug E Fresh hit ‘La Di Da Di’ (not to mention ‘The Show’), and was soon signed to Def Jam Recordings. He stood out, coupling a British accent (he was born in the UK) with a Bronx slang that he had learned on the streets of the Boogie-Down.

With hits including ‘Mona Lisa,’ ‘Teenage Love,’ ‘Treat Her Like A Prostitute’ and ‘Hey Young World,’  Slick Rick looked like he had the world at his feet.

However, that would all come crashing down when he was imprisoned for shooting his cousin, who had been fired as his bodyguard and ended up threatening both Rick (real name Richard Walters) and his mother:

In 1989, Walters’ mother, Veronica, hired his first cousin, Mark Plummer, as his bodyguard. By 1990, Plummer had become a liability, having tried numerous times to extort money from the artist. Plummer was fired and, unsatisfied with his severance package, tried to rob Walters on numerous occasions and also threatened to kill the rapper and his mother. When Walters found bullet holes in his front door, he bought guns for protection. On July 3, 1990, Walters spotted Plummer in his neighborhood, and fired at least four shots. One bullet hit Plummer; another caught a passerby in the foot. Neither suffered life-threatening injuries.

He eventually plead guilty to two counts of attempted murder and other charges, including assault, use of a firearm, and criminal possession of a weapon. The rapper called it an act of self-defense. He spent five years in prison, two for the then-second-degree attempted-murder charges he received for the shooting, and three for his struggle with the Immigration and Naturalization Services over his residency in the U.S. He was released from prison in 1997.

Despite this, Slick Rick managed to maintain his recording career and is still highly regarded in the world of hip-hop music.

The book is set to be released April 22, 2017, but, if you need a little reminding, here’s Slick Rick’s ‘Children’s Story:’



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