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Should Non-Black People Be Able To Use The ‘N-Word?’ Celebs Chime In …

Here’s a sensitive topic to discuss – whether non-black people should be able to use the ‘N-Word’ without being called racists.

Everybody is no doubt fully aware of how politically loaded the word is, yet there are some who see no problem with non-black people using it so long as it is not being used as a racist slur…

Take rapper Remy Ma, for example, who spoke out on the matter, saying:

“I don’t usually get offended, regardless of what your nationality is if I feel like you’re not using it as a racial slur.”

She went on to explain:

“I hear it so frequently from people who aren’t black people. Like Fat Joe, he’s the blackest Spanish guy on this planet earth and I’ve never questioned did it”

What do you think?

Should Fat Joe get a pass to use the word – or any other non-black person?

In fact, should black people even be using the word so casually?

What do you think?

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