Shocking! Oakland Prostitute Sues Police Department – Says She Was A ‘Sex Slave’ For Officers!


The Oakland Police Department are facing a hugely embarrassing (and expensive) scandal after a 19-year-old prostitute has sued them for $66 million! The woman, Jasmine Abuslin claims that 30 officers used her as their under-age sex slave in a case that could blow the department open!

Abuslin, who was previously known as Celeste Guap, says that she was the victim of sex trafficking and has filed criminal charges, with seven former and current San Francisco Bay Area police officers being charged with sexual misconduct. One officer, Brendan O’Brien, committed suicide after Abuslin started talking about the scandal on social media.

The lawsuit says that members of the Oakland police department “either directly engaged in, stood by with a blind eye, or acted to cover up this modern-day slavery of (Jasmine).” Adding:

“These acts constitute unlawful forced labor, trafficking into servitude and sex trafficking of a child by force, fraud and coercion and have caused (Jasmine) to suffer unimaginable abuse, paid, and suffering that she and her family will endure for the rest of her life.”

Absulin had recently been living at a drug treatment center in Florida, but is currently incarcerated after being arrested for assaulting one of the center’s guards.

Among those being charged are former Contra Costa sheriff’s deputy Ricardo Perez (charged with oral copulation with a minor, which is a felony); former Livermore police officer Dan Black (faces misdemeanor counts of engaging in prostitution and unauthorized access of a confidential criminal justice database); Oakland police officers Brian Bunton (charged with felony obstruction of justice and misdemeanor engaging in an act of prostitution); Giovani LoVerde (charged with oral copulation with a minor which is a felony); Warit Utappa, and former Oakland police officers Tyrell Smith and Leroy Johnson (misdemeanor counts of engaging in prostitution and unauthorized access of a confidential criminal justice database).

Sadly, we wouldn’t put it past people to abuse their power as police officers in such a shocking way, and the suicide of officer O’Brien indicates that Absulin may be telling the truth!




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