Say What? When Social Media Gets Real…

It is so easy to pull your cellphone from your bag or pocket and hit up social media that we often do it without thinking. Commenting on media, news, or celebrities, sharing memes and videos and generally getting our voice out there. The trouble is, social media can get real…

Most obvious is saying something about someone on social media that you wouldn’t say to their face. You know you have done it (look back over your timeline!), but what are we really doing here? Sure, the chances of that person showing up and stepping to you might be slight, but more to the point, what were you trying to achieve? Calling someone out is one thing, but taking cheap shots is another thing entirely… and it rarely makes you look good.

Things getting real can also mean real-life legal consequences. There are laws governing what you can and can’t get away with on social media – and you can find yourself in genuine legal trouble for what you thought was an off-hand comment.

Of course, another other way social media can come back is by destroying your life and reputation – people have lost their respect, careers and even close relationships after going viral with an ill-thought-out post!

Remember, before you post, take a few seconds to think and look at what you are putting out into the world – what does it say about you?

Your social media is your wat into the world, it represents you, your brand, your style, who you are and what you are about. You might not want to play with that…

What do you think?

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