Santa’s Grave Found In Turkey!

The grave of Santa Claus has been found in Turkey…        …sort of.

To be more precise, archaeologists have discovered the remains of St. Nicholas’ Church in Turkey, including a seemingly untouched tomb containing the remains of a man believed to be the saint himself.

The body of the real-life Santa Claus was found in Antalya province, with St. Nick having passed away in 343AD.

However, there is some controversy, as some claim that St. Nicholas is actually buried on the Basclica di San Nicola in Mari, Italy. But, Turkish archaeologists claim that the bones in Mari are actually just those of an unidentified priest and not Father Christmas at all…

Of course, the idea of a gift-giving Santa Claus character first came to the United States with Dutch immigrants in the 16th century, although he originally wore green. That is until Coca Cola stepped in and invented the fat, jolly, red-wearing white-bearded Santa we all know today.

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