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Rumor Check: Taylor Swift Used To Travel In A Suitcase – We Look At The Evidence!

There has long been a rumor that Taylor Swift used to travel about in a suitcase – and it wasn’t just to save on airfares…

Apparently the pop singer would hop in a suitcase and let herself be carried past the waiting paparazzi in order to avoid their attention.

In fact, this gossip was just confirmed by One Direction star Zayn Malik in a new interview with Vogue, as he said:

“She was traveling around in a suitcase”

While we have no reason to doubt Zayn’s word, we thought we’d take a look at the evidence…

Here are two of Taylor’s people carrying a suitcase…


The man on the right looks a little suspect, but let’s take a closer look at the suitcase – could Taylor really fit herself in there?



We can’t be sure, but then we spotted something that gives it away – look at the eyes of the guy in the blue polo shirt…


He’s DEFINITELY carrying Taylor Swift! 🙂

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