Rihanna Warns Taylor Swift To Stay Away From Drake


Rihanna has issued a warning to Taylor Swift about Drake after the two were spotted getting cozy at the rapper’s 30th birthday bash.

26-year-old Taylor seemed to be getting along just fine with Drake at his birthday party, with sources saying that they were flirting together during the evening. However, Drake’s former flame, Rihanna, 28, has warned Taylor that she is playing with fire by messing around with Drake!

An insider claimed:

“Taylor doesn’t stand a chance with Drake. She ain’t got nothing Drake wants and she certainly doesn’t want the type of headaches and drama he’s capable of giving a woman. Taylor’s known for writing songs after her bitter break-ups with her exes and if she got a dose of the games Drake plays, she’d be writing songs about it until she turns 100. Drake’s a deadly spider and Taylor can mess around and get bit if she wants to.”

Of course, Rihanna split with Drake on October 10th – citing their conflicting schedules as an issue with their relationship. However, reports say that Rihanna actually caught Drake sending late-night text messages to other women!

So, we wonder, is Rihanna warning Taylor away because she is concerned for her, or is it down to something else – like jealousy perhaps?




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