Research Shows How Being Nice To Others Makes You Happier


Here’s some good news – being nice to other people actually makes you happier. This comes from research conducted by Oxford University and was based on looking at 400 published studies into the relationship between kindness and happiness.

Basically, the research found that there was a definite, if moderate, link between being nice to other people and feeling happy yourself. While the link between doing good things and feeling happier yourself is not quite as large as some pop-culture writers would have us believe, there is definitely an impact.

The lead author on the study, Oliver Scott Curry explained:

“Our review suggests that performing acts of kindness will not change your life, but might help nudge it in the right direction. We recommend further research is done to compare the effects of being kind to family and friends as opposed to strangers. This is an area about which we know surprisingly little at the moment.”

So, it seems that being nice to other people is actually good for you too! Makes sense really…



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