#RelationshipGoals! Woman Celebrates Finally Getting A Job After 7 Grueling Months Of Searching, With These Comical ‘Engagement’ Photos

While 37-year old, Long Beach, CA native, Benita Abraham was able to make light of the fact that she FINALLY landed a job after a grueling seven months of searching, it is a shame that it has come to this.  You literally have to throw an ‘engagement’ and celebration party just to commemorate the fact that after months of searching for employment, an employer will, at last, take your hand in ‘marriage.’

Long gone are the days of getting into ‘bed’ with employment quick…you have to literally date forever, just to find the right ‘prince’ (in this case, prince = job). Anyway, check out these cool photos of Abraham and her framed job offer letter. These are the new .






job 8


Total awesome sauce! Congrats, Benita!

Photo credit: Facebook | Benita Abraham

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