This ‘Redneck in a Romper’ video is hilarious!

The male romper was a fashion that briefly threatened humanity last summer, but fortunately, it didn’t really ever take off in most places (no prizes for guessing why!). However, there was one unlikely area that seemed a little taken with the style –  the south – and in particular among rednecks…

OK, fair enough – we reckon that last guy was joking around with it – but we’re more concerned that this next one might be being more serious (but watch the language – NSFW):

Want to make your own ‘Southern-Style Romper’ (don’t) – then check this video:

And finally, if that isn’t enough male romper action for you, how about the ‘Cop Romper?’

It’s funny, but we’re glad this style never took off as we feared it might! 🙂

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