Really? Scientists Say Women Prefer Men Who Eat Salad (& Meat?)



For a lot of men looking to attract a woman, a splash of cologne may be the way to make sure they smell nice – but perhaps what you eat is equally important before going on a date.


Research has shown that men who eat a lot of fruit and vegetables smell most attractive to women. Although surprisingly, the same research found that women liked the smell of men who ate meat, eggs and tofu!


However, it is bad news for carb lovers, as those who ate larger amounts of pasta, bread and other carbohydrates were found to smell less pleasant to the opposite sex.


The study saw the diets of 43 different men tested to see how their sweat smelled to a panel of women judges, with the study finding that:


“Male axillary sweat can serve as a further honest cue to women, about a man’s health status.”


The women tended to rank the sweat from those who ate more fruit and vegetables as most attractive, as the study noted:


“Diets rich in fruit and vegetables are associated with better human health both now and also probably in our ancestral past. One reason for this is that they provide a significant source of carotenoids, powerful anti-oxidants involved in several aspects of health, including the capacity to mount an effective immune response without costly oxidative damage.”


As of yet, there is no telling if men also prefer women who eat more fruit and vegetables, but if you are going on a date, it might be worth skipping the carbs at lunch!




Photo Credit: Authority Nutrition

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