Real-Life Halloween Horror Story As Man Claims Girlfriend’s Corpse Is ‘Sex Doll’

It seems that we don’t need scary stories this Halloween, as the news has provided a disturbing real-life tale of its own. But be warned – you may find this one quite disturbing…

32-year-old Florida man, Jerome Ernest Wright was arrested last Friday and charged with abusing a dead body, after police found the mutilated corpse of his 52-year-old girlfriend, Deanna Clendinen in his closet.

However, Wright, who lives with his mother, claimed that the corpse was actually a sex doll built from human remains.

While Wright denies murdering the woman, police noted lacerations on her stomach and the fact that many of her internal organs had been removed. At the time of reporting, Wright had not officially been charged with murder, although that is likely to follow.

Wright’s mother, Della Rosarie Wright alerted the police after she noticed a foul smell coming from her son’s room.

When police arrived they saw Jerome, “naked and sweaty” exiting his bedroom. He claimed that he had been battling a stomach bug, before telling officers, “if you find something, it’s from the internet.”

Police found a trash can containing bodily fluids, which were also on the mattress. When they went to the closet they found the mutilated body covered in sheets, although one leg was said to be sticking out.

Della Wright told police that she lived alone with her son, although his girlfriend often stayed over at the house.

Meanwhile, Jerome tried to claim that the body was not real, before saying it was a sex doll made from human remains.

Oh, and Jerome had been arrested last March for aggravated battery against his girlfriend, for which he was on parole.

We know it’s ‘innocent until found guilty’ but we feel this sick bastard needs to be locked up for a long time…



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