Real Life Fashion Police? Cops To Target Young People In Expensive Clothes

Word has it that police in the Dutch city of Rotterdam are going to be targeting young men who are seen wearing expensive clothing by high-end designers like Gucci.

The idea behind the ‘stop and question’ system is that police will be able to work out whether the individual was able to afford the clothes legitimately, or if they got them through illegal means.

And, it seems the police are ready to seize clothes that they think were got as the result of crime!

Rotterdam police chief, Frank Paauw explained:

โ€œThey are often young men who consider themselves untouchable. Weโ€™re going to undress them on the street. We regularly take a Rolex from a suspect. Clothes rarely. And that is especially a status symbol for young people. Some young people now walk with jackets of โ‚ฌ1800. They do not have any income, so the question is how they get there.โ€

There are those who have criticized the plan, saying it would be almost impossible to enforce – afterall how do you know that something wasn’t bought in a sale, second hand or as a gift? Besides, how good is the fashion knowledge of the Rotterdam police department?

What do you think of this plan – would you like to see something similar in your city?


Quote via The Independent

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