Rapper, Tyga Is Wanted By The Police



What’s going on with Tyga? The rapper is said to be wanted by the police after failing to turn up to a court date.


Tyga’s legal woes all stem from some pretty odd-sounding financial decisions – causing his previous landlord to sue for $480,000 in unpaid rent. The thing is, while the rapper said he couldn’t pay his rent and was apparently evicted back in February, he managed to find $200,000 to buy girlfriend, Kylie Jenner a car for her birthday. Oh, and there’s also the fact that Tyga was reportedly able to find the cash to sign a $465,000 lease on a new home in July!


Either way, it seems that Tyga’s financial mis-management and slack attitude to showing up in court could cost him jail time.


Never mind how this bad press will impact his relationship with his girl’s mom, the ever media-aware Kris Jenner…




Photo Credit: Gabriel Olsen

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