Rapper, Joe Budden Chases Down OVO Fans Who Came To His Residence To Harass Him, & #BlackTwitter Goes IN (See The Video + Hilarious Tweets!)

“Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do when they come for you?!” LOL!



SMH.  This video is hilarious!  We told you that the ‘beef’ between Joe Budden and Drake is uneven.  While Budden’s out chasing people, Drake’s making money.  Budden looks a bit off here, we are just saying. Check out the holes in the t-shirt, though!  Now there are Snapchat paparazzi’s, too?




We’re laughing, but we would have probably done the same thing (Well, minus chasing them down like we were in a ‘Bad Boy’ movie!).  People play too much on the Internet.  There are Internet thugs, then there are real-life thugs. We suggest Internet thugs should learn to stay in their lane.

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