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?Quiz: Just In Time For B.E.T New Edition TV Event – How Well Do You Know The Band?

Let us just say New Edition were like The Temptations of a lot of people raised in the 80s.  With their BET 3-day movie event happening tonight (1/24/17 at 9 EST/8 Central), we wanted to see just how well you know the legendary R&B boy band.

Who Was Not An Original Member Of The Childhood Boy Band?

That would be the gospel crooner, Johnny Gill, who did not enter into the group until 1987 after Bobby departed.

Which Member Discovered Philly Group, Boys II Men?

That's right! It was Michael Bivins who discovered the group back in 1989.

Which Song Did Britney Spears Remake of Bobby Brown's?

Yup! The Pop princess remade 'My Prerogative' in 2004.

What Year Did New Edition Form?

If you guessed 1978, then you guessed correctly! The Boston boy band formed right before the 80s.

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