A Quick Guide To ‘Brexit’

You may have seen the news that, over in Europe, the UK are going to trigger Article 50 on March 29th. However, there is every chance that you are not totally sure what that all means! But basically, it means that the official process of Britain leaving the European Union (EU), or ‘Brexit,’ will begin.

Since this has never been done before, nobody is quite sure what effect this will have on Britain as far trade, employment, immigration, and many other factors are concerned. In fact, it seems that the British public voted to leave the E.U. without really knowing what that would mean!

Much like the election of Donald Trump which has split America, the decision to leave the E.U. created a divide in the U.K. – with talks that Scotland and Wales may even vote to leave the United Kingdom, leaving England on its own, and stay with the E.U. 

The politics are pretty complicated, but we came across this handy guide to the history of Brexit, which should at least give you a general idea*

*’History Of Brexit’ may or may not be 100% accurate or serious… or is it? Let us know what you think…



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