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Did police frame rapper C-Murder for murder?

Former No Limit rapper and brother of Master P, C-Murder (real name Corey Miller) has been behind bars on a murder charge since 2009, but new reports suggest that he may have been framed by police who got a key witness to lie and say he saw the rapper fire shots at 16-year-old Steven Thomas at a nightclub back in 2002.

The witness, Kenneth Jordan, was one of just two witnesses in the murder case but he now says that Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office detectives pressured him to lie under oath or risk a criminal charge of his own!

Jordan has revealed:

“I know the individual that I saw shoot the gun was not Corey Miller.”

47-year-old Miller is serving a life sentence, but his attorney, Paul Barker says of Jordan:

“He was really their star witness at the second trial. Without him, him they don’t get a conviction.”

C-Murder’s original trial in 2003 was thrown out of court by a judge, but Jordan was called for a 2009 retrial and apparently threatened by police if he didn’t point the finger at Miller.

Meanwhile, Master P posted on Instagram in support of his brother, saying:

“Free Corey Miller! Thanks to all the fans that’s been praying for my brother. He’s on a hunger strike in Angola. He’s been locked up for a crime he didn’t commit. Somebody has confessed, and they even have footage, that they don’t want to put in the case.”


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