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‘Pimp My Tractor’ – Turkish Farmer Drops Custom-Built $2,000 Sound System Into Tractor!

People can definitely tell when Murat Karlıoğlu is rolling into town after spending 7,000 Turkish lira on a sound-system for his tractor! The 30-year-old Turkish farmer loves listening to music while he works so decided to invest in a custom-built sound system for his tractor.

The set-up includes hefty speakers, tweeters, a large sub-woofer and powerful amplifiers, making him a bit of a local celebrity in his hometown of Nazilli. As for his choice of tunes, Murat is sticking with some homegrown sounds as he mostly plays well-loved popular Turkish songs.

It also seems that Karlıoğlu’s pet dog, Jesse, is a great fan of the music too, as he has been riding to work on the tractor each day since the sound system was installed!

In fact, aside from bringing music to his fields, Murat is considering diversifying his career and renting out his tractor for weddings and other celebrations!

Check out Murat’s unique sound system in action:

Photo Credit: Facebook

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