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People Are Marrying Themselves – Odd Or Inspiring?

We know it can be hard to find someone who is right for you, so could the answer be in marrying yourself instead? You are going to have to spend your life with yourself anyway, so could self-marriage (dubbed ‘sologamy’) be the answer and a way to declare your self-love?

While it sounds like a pretty inspiring idea to commit to yourself there is something about going ahead and getting dressed up for a ceremony which still seems a little odd.

However, the sologamy movement is gaining momentum with more people walking down the aisle to marry themselves. One such person to jump the broom on their own was Brooklynite Ericka Anderson who said it was all about “women saying yes to themselves.”

There are even companies who make special cards of positive affirmations for the self-marrying to read each day, while others will help you organize your wedding to yourself! Still, where there are a few dollars to made there is bound to be someone who is happy to speak up the positives, right?

Check out the video of Ericka’s self-marriage below:

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