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People Are Saying The Black Eyed Peas May Rescue Hip-Hop With New Video

Ah, the irony!

People are saying that The Black Eyed Peas have launched a bid to save hip-hop music with the new video for their track ‘Back 2 Hip-Hop.’

You can check out the tune and see the video, which features Nas, above…

However, while the track isn’t bad (especially when Nas drops in around the three-minute mark), we’re a little leery with the message in the track.

Sure, there are some strong hip-hop elements to the song, while the imagery (Kangols, gold rope chains, Adidas sweat-suits, etc) certainly points to a vintage era of hip-hop.

We just wonder how the Black Eyed Peas can see themselves as defacto ‘saviors’ of hip-hop when it was them who helped throw the genre under the bus with their cross-over pop sounds in the first place?

In case you forgot…

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