Oregon Woman Assaulted With Brick & Threatened With Rape By Racist Trump Supporters


Sounds like racists are using Donald Trump’s election as an excuse to act up – as shown by the terrible treatment of Kara Stevens from Oregon.

Kara was on her way home from a local store when she was attacked by three men who hit her in the abdomen with a brick as one of them exclaimed, “Now we got a president who finally feels how we feel.”

Kara explained:

“I just thought to myself, if I pass out from not being able to breathe and I hit the ground, it’s over. I heard someone yell ‘Stupid n****r b*tch.’Then they yelled: ‘Are you scared? Are you scared now? Because you should be…Now we got a president who finally feels how we feel.’ The only thing I kept thinking to myself is, ‘This is how my life is going to end,’ and ‘I don’t deserve this.’”

Stevens has filed a report with police against her attackers who were all white and in their 30s. She also said that the men threatened to rape her. Kara was treated for broken ribs at an area hospital before being released.

However, she has a strong message for her attackers:

“You’re going to have to bring a whole lot more than a brick to break me.”

Kara was also keen to point out that racism isn’t a thing of the past, saying:

“This is a real thing… this isn’t a joke. A lot of people are just in denial about it. When people admit that it’s there, it’s going to be a heck of a lot easier for us to come together and fix it and come together.“

Kara is so right, rather than dividing as the racists want us to, we need to stand together and show them that it is not OK.  

Welcome to Donald Trump’s America!




Photo Credit: Koin

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