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Oprah smokes weed? Social media reacts!

Gayle King has revealed that her friend, Oprah Winfrey smokes weed!

Speaking to Ellen Degeneres, Gayle started talking about how Amy Schumer has been trying to get her to try marijuana, before revealing that Oprah already has!

Gayle revealed:

Oprah has also smoked a little marijuana, too, I don’t mind saying.”
She added:
“I’m not telling tales out of school…”
 However, when pushed for details, Gayle pled the fifth, saying:
“I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate her. It’s not something that happens on a regular – I’m going to change the subject!”
 The news has caused a reaction on social media – as you can imagine!

What we want to know is, does she grow her own?

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