OMG! Woman ‘Photo-Bombed’ By Ghost!


It may be a month until Hallowe’en, but one woman had a frightening evening when she was photobombed by a ghost!

36-year-old mother of two, Deborah Heary, invited her sister and a few friends over for an evening at her home in Preston, England, but was “freaked out” by a selfie that seemed to feature a ghostly apparition behind her.


She revealed:

“We were taking selfies and didn’t realize [there was something in the background] until we shared the photos online with our friends. Someone said ‘oh my God, what’s that behind you?’. It freaked me out quite a bit. It looks like the Scream mask. It’s a long white face. It’s a bit scary.”

She added:

“[Behind us is] my front room and there was nothing in there that could explain that. I’ve never had anything like that before in there. I hope I don’t see it again.”

In fact, the image has unnerved Deborah’s family and friends so much that many of them haven’t been to visit since!




Photo Credit: Mercury Press / Scattering Ashes

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