Oh, Lawd, Ghostface Killah Was Serious! Jumps On Indonesian Rapper, Rich Chigga’s ‘Dat $tick’ Remix, And, Well…

We just can’t take Rich Chigga serious, no matter how many songs we hear from the parody Indonesian rapper (we hope this is a parody, and not real!).  Some time ago, Wu-Tang legend, Ghostface Killah gave Chigga props and said he would jump on the Dat $tick remix, and he has done just that (and we can’t say that it was a good look for the rapper who is usually always thorough with his lyricism). 

Chigga’s donning his fanny pack as usual, and while we don’t know if this is a bad Power Rangers episode (or Transformers) gone terribly wrong, we guess we cannot knock the hustle of anyone living out their dreams.  Sigh.

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