Nope, Don’t Do It! 8 Sure-Shot Ways To Get Fired On Your First Day Of Work

Good jobs are hard to come by these days, so we want to make sure our LitViral ‘family’ gets a fair warning on a few sure shot ways to get the pink slip quick!



On your first day of work, you show up late with excuses. Nah, fam, not going to work.



You take an extra-long break. If your break is a 30, you may want to be back in 28 (minutes).



You’re texting on your phone every time your new boss walks by. Hey, even if it’s not your new boss, you’d better believe they have eyes and ears watching and listening to you!




Fall to sleep on at your desk, and tell someone you worked your other job a little later than usual last night.



Spend most of your shift in the restroom instead of your cubicle!



Show up to work sober and end up lit up by the end of the day!


Argue with a customer even though you’ve been on the job for two days and are not familiar with all of the policies in place just yet.



Talk about what you couldn’t stand about your last job. Believe us; no one cares.

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