Nicki Minaj Slammed For Delaying Show So She Could Get Some Popeye’s Chicken

Nicki Minaj has been slammed for holding up her performance at Philipp Pleain’s Fashion Week after-show party for an our so she could get some Popeye’s chicken.

Sources say that the rapper was late for her show at 1Oak’s pop-up club at the Hammerstein Ballroom as she refused to go out onstage until she had eaten. One angry source revealed:

“She refused to go onstage until she got her Popeyes f*cking chicken. The production team had to send someone out to get her chicken.”

Minaj did eventually make it out to perform but there was chaos outside after Plein shared the details of the party on social media, causing “thousands of uninvited people” to show up without tickets and try to get in.

Sounds like Nicki needs to sort her timing out and make sure she gets her food in before she is due to perform…




Photo Credit: Instagram

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