New Service Offers To Make Your DVD Collection Digital – Using Your Phone!

If you like movies then there is every chance that you have a whole load of DVDs sat around your home. This is fine if you have a DVD player still, but if not you are probably a bit stuck. You probably don’t want to buy something you already own, but Walmart’s Vudu service may have come up with a compromise.

For a $2 fee (with the first film being free), you can use your DVD barcode to unlock the same title on the Vudu app, just like you had bought it directly from them. This will give you access to that title, via the app, on all your devices forever (or at least until Vudu ceases to exist!).

Similar to Vudu’s disc-to-digital service which needed you to put your disc into a computer, this one operates using just your phone!

However, some may be put off at paying $2 for something that you actually already own, while the fact that there are only around 8,000 titles set up for unlocking may limit your choice.

Still, it could be a handy way to declutter your life, while keeping hold of your treasured movie collection…



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